So what is SpanielFest?

The Weekend

It’s pretty easy...its a festival to celebrate all things spaniel! As a team we share our lives with 17 Spaniels and have fallen head over heels for their kind hearts, eager pleasing natures and their all round bonkers, hard working and beautiful characters. 

This festival is aimed at, and includes all breeds of spaniels (as recognised by the UK Kennel Club as a spaniel type in the Gundog group) and spaniel crosses* e.g Sprocker (Springer x Cocker), raising awareness of this ever popular and truly wonderful breed. *At least one part of the cross must be a full Spaniel e.g Cockerpoo. 

Throughout the weekend you and your Spaniel(s) will have the opportunity to try out a variety of different workshops, offered by trainers from across the area. 

For the hunters and flushers we have our Gundog workshops, tailored to whatever ability level your Spaniel is at you can either brush up on skills or learn a whole new set! Harness that natural hunting ability and learn how to control and when to unleash it. 

For the speed demons we have agility, flyball and hoopers. These workshops are intended to help nurture the natural athleticism and agility of the breed; keeping the brain busy and the body active. All of these activities are a great way to give your Spaniel a job they will love. 

For the sniffers and the finders-for those that like to use their nose! That nose can often get them into trouble - Nose on - ears off!- let’s harness that desire with workshops in tracking and scentwork; perfect to challenge them mentally without the need for high breakneck speed! 

On top of all the activity workshops we will also have the opportunity for visitors and campers to listen and take part in some more relaxed activities such as massage and informative seminars. 


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