The Guest Speakers

SpanielFest is proud to welcome a range of guest speakers to this years event. 

ALL seats must be booked in advance. A timetable will be available shortly. 


Dawn Clough

My name is Dawn Clough and I am the Founder of Spaniel Assist Rescue and Rehoming. I am a married mother of 3, Nanna of 2, and the proud owner of 7 beautiful Spaniels. After owning 3 Spaniels and then rescuing 3, Spaniel Assist was born at the beginning of July 2015 when I decided to dedicate myself to helping vulnerable or abused Spaniels, strays, and owners who had no choice but to rehome their beloved dogs through changed circumstances.


Spaniel Assist has helped hundreds of Spaniels and their owners through fostering and adoption, and we have a lot of our members who have joined to be foster carers, and have gone on to join our ‘failed foster’ club - myself included! There is currently 22,262 members within our Spaniel Assist group and we continue to go from strength to strength. Not only do I rehome Spaniels, but friendships are built. Most of my time is taken up 7 days a week making sure that Spaniel Assist is run professionally and that we maintain a high standard when rehoming. Spaniels are such an amazing breed of dog, and I am driven by my love for them.


During my speech, I aim to raise awareness, talk about Spaniel Assist, some of our special Spaniels that have been rehomed and their amazing, (yet some terrible) journeys; our ‘failed foster’ club and our plans for the future.


Frank Geraghty

Frank will discuss dogs breeding and dog genetic heath, including DNA test


Sue Mclenan

I qualified as a Registered Galen Myotherapist® in 2013 and have since treated many lame and arthritic dogs, both young and old, and it is wonderful to witness their improved mobility. It is equally rewarding to treat canine athletes and see their owner’s delight in their improved performance. I love my work and I am keen to raise awareness amongst all dog owners of the impact of everyday stresses and strains and how seemingly minor issues can adversely affect the long term mobility of our canine companions.

I will be discussing some common pain indicators and explaining the benefits of regular warm up/ cool down routines to minimise the risk of injury and demonstrating some simple techniques that you can safely apply to your dogs.

Galen Myotherapy was established by Julia Robertson in 2002 and is at the forefront of interpreting how behaviour and muscle pain manifest in our dogs. For further information, please visit


Ema Gamlin

New Horizons Hypnotherapy

Ema Gamlin is the owner of New Horizons Hypnotherapy and will be delivering a seminar about how our stress levels as owners, can effect our dogs, both in day to day life and in dog sports and what we can do to manage and improve this.


Ema says "I've worked in sport and fitness for many years and have always been interested in the psychology behind sport and competition. My hypnotherapy business was the perfect way to explore the link between a positive mindset and the way both we and our dogs, behave and perform. Over the last few years I've worked with a number of dog owners and agility competitors and seen huge changes in them and more importantly their dogs. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of dog owners at SpanielFest and sharing my thoughts, knowledge and advice. I hope it will help people to understand how sensitive dogs are to our emotions and how powerful a calmer, more positive mindset can be."

more to be added soon!