The Guest Trainers

SpanielFest is proud to welcome a range of guest trainers to this years event. There really is something for everyone and we are very excited to be able to offer a range of workshops set at varying levels. Workshops are available to those camping or those just visiting for the day.

ALL workshops must be booked in advance and set criteria will apply for each workshop. 

Those camping will gain free access to the marquee of an evening; where you will be able to listen to expert speakers and join in some great demonstrations. 


Frank Geraghty

Macgiriaght Gundogs

Frank Geraghty has previously served in the Metropolitan Police Service in London, England. He served in areas such as Diplomatic Protection, Armed Response and Counter Terrorism. He retired in 2012 after 30 years of service. He was awarded the QDJM, QGJM and LSGCM for faithful and meritorious service in the Police Service. He was also awarded a Exemplary Discharge / Certificate of Service. Macgiriaght is the registered UK Kennel Club Affix of Frank Geraghty.


Frank is a UKKC Field Trial Panel Judge for Spaniels and a KC Working Gundog Certificate Assessor. He has judged internationally in Europe on numerous occasions including judging the Russian Spaniel Championship.  He is also a member of the UK Kennel Club. Frank Geraghty has bred Field Trial Champion, Field Trial Winner and Award Winners across 4 different breeds and is the only Handler / Trainer / Breeder in the UK to have won Field Trials with 3 different Spaniel breeds and to have been awarded the KC Working Gundog Certificate on Dummies and Game across 4 different breeds.


Frank has led the way in the Working Spaniel world by health testing for all of his dogs. He has been health testing for over 15 years now. He was previously the Vice Chairman of the KC Assured Breeders Scheme and was also a KC Regional Breed Assessor. He is currently a member of the ABS and is also a Licensed breeder.


Frank is an experienced handler and trainer. He works his dogs on shoots as a picking up team, flanking on the moors, beats, shoots over them himself and has previously competed in working/field events all over the UK.


Frank has been involved in shooting and field sports for over 4 decades. He is also an experienced adult educator who has been professionally qualified as a trainer / instructor in the UK Police Service. He is CRB / DBS cleared to work with children and young people and as such holds an advanced clearance certificate.


Frank has professionally taught physical skills and class room subjects to a wide range of people. He has an easy going style and is adept at putting you at ease. Frank is joining this years SpanielFest to offer a range of gundog workshops. 

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Julie irving

Hoopers Instructor 

Hoopers is a new, fun, fast, low-impact sport. It is very inclusive, uses low impact obstacles, flowing lines and is accessible to all dogs and handlers, in particular large and tiny breeds, dogs which require a little extra space and also handlers with limited mobility.

Julie Irving is an accredited level 1 Canine Hoopers UK Instructor (level 2 pending), a qualification which has been approved by the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers. Canine Hoopers UK promotes only force free modern training techniques. Julie has owned dogs all of her life and has competed at high level in agility for over a decade and now trains and competes in Hoopers.

Julie is joining with SpanielFest to offer a range of Hoopers workshops throughout the weekend. 


john ashworth

Scentwork Instructor - Raven River Dog Training Ltd

Who is this for? Anyone that wants to do something fun and worthwhile with their dog. Scentwork is a great way to use your dog’s brain and of course their nose! Great for any age of dog, and perfect for those unable to do other activities for health reasons. 

Taught by Scentwork UK accredited trainer John Ashworth; John is a retired police dog handler of over 10 years, and current NHS drug dog handler. With a long standing career in all things scentwork, you know you and your dog are in good hands. 

Learn more about using your dogs natural nose ability; as well as tips and tricks for enriching your dogs life at home. Begin to teach the steps towards a passive indication on a scent - and watch your dog learn a whole new skill!


emma walker

NordicDogs Gundog Instructor 

Emma owns and runs NordicDogs Gundog Specialists dog training, She has a passion for the rarer more vulnerable gundog breeds showing off their working abilities in the field and helping owners of pet gundogs get the best out of their dogs by using their breeds natural talents. Emma has many years experience training and instructing both owners and dogs, gaining the Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate with her dog Finn as well as achieving a FdSc in Canine Behaviour and Training from Hull University.

Emma is joining SpanielFest this year to offer a range of Gundog workshops. 


wendy mole

Dog Agility Instructor 

Hi, my name is Wendy, I currently own 8 dogs 4 of which are spaniels! I got into agility later on in life. I started agility with my young springer Roxy & was NEVER going to compete.
I started doing a few fun shows and that was it....i was hooked. I then moved on to Kennel Club competitions and set off on my 1st outdoor competition, which was a Hare&Hounds at Helmsley in with little Micra & a small tent!! I Soon found out what a friendly bunch the agility crowd are.

Roxy soon moved up the grades & when she reached Grade 7 (the highest grade in agility) I decided to acquire a new member to the team, an adorable black working cocker spaniel called Chilli. However, she was the total opposite to Roxy and has been the hardest dog I've ever had to train. I felt like giving up many times, and soooo pleased I didn't. Once I understood her behaviour things started to click. We even attempted a couple of champ shows last year.
I'm currently bringing on my young springer Cora who is a dream to train. Hopefully many fun times ahead.

I have a passion for agility & love to bring on & train young dogs. I currently train foundation classes and its a joy to watch a partnership form in an activity such as agility. I'm really looking forward to meeting lots of new faces...and perhaps some familiar ones at this years SpanielFest. 


roxy bird

Eclipse Flyball Club. Flyball Instructor 

Hi my name is Roxy aka Ros. I have been involved in flyball for 10 years and currently have four of my own dogs competing in both national leagues, the British Flyball Association and the United Kingdom Flyball League.


I started training two of my adult dogs in 2009 with local flyball clubs. This then led me to being the owner of a further two dogs in 2013 and 2016 and both of those dogs were introduced to flyball from a very early stage. Eclipse community flyball club was formed in 2017 by myself and


Brian my husband and together with likeminded dog owners we were ready to put flyball on the map in Northumberland. Since 2017 we have competed in competitions throughout the UK however 2019 saw our best achievement so far . We were Championship winners of not one but two divisions at the United Kingdom Flyball Championships and winners of two shields which we retain until August 2020.


I continue to train our club dogs and team dogs to a national level progressing Eclipse into 2020.


Jane dalton

Mantrailing Instructor 

Mantrailing is one of the latest and fastest-growing dog sports in the UK and is suitable for dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes.  Mantrailing harnesses your dog’s natural ability to trail – all dogs have this ability, we are just harnessing their amazing sense of smell and turning it into a super fun activity to do with our dogs!  


Mantrailing teaches your dog to follow a specific person’s scent and locate them at the end of the trail to earn their reward – not only is it great fun for your dog, but you’ll also get a real buzz out of working in partnership with your dog, and seeing their amazing natural abilities in action.

As a qualified instructor with Mantrailing UK, your instructor Jane Dalton follows the Kocher Method of training which gives your dog a great drive for the game – the dogs are set up to succeed from the outset, and every dog has a blast!!